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The Marriage Pros

Wedding Officiants/Wedding Ministers

Phone: (515) 491-9139


We support every couple celebrating their quest  for a lifetime of love. 

The Marriage Pros believes your destiny should not be judged by anyone other than you.

We offer Religious, Non-Religious and Interfaith wedding ceremonies - LBGT couples have always been welcome.  The Marriage Pros, ordained wedding officiants

The Marriage Pros, wedding service providers in Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas are one of Iowa's longest running wedding officiant services.  We perform weddings 24/7 as long as we are available. We also take calls 24/7 subject to availability. The Marriage Pros realize that not everyone is available between 8 AM- to 5 PM.  Your call will either be answered, or you may leave a simple message, without pushing any additional options, wasting less of your precious time.  We have performed around 1000 wedding services and possibly many more. The Marriage Pros wedding Officiants strive to return calls and emails in less than 24 hours, and usually within an hour.   We accept everyone and have always accepted LGBT couples. We look forward to the day when comments about "acceptance" of anyone is no longer necessary. This goes for straight couples too. Sadly, it is not just on TV that family or friends show their disapproval. If there is anything we can do to "run interference" to help you out, we will try.  Everyone else can or will have their special day, you deserve yours too.  The Marriage Pros believes everyone should have the ceremony they desire and we strive to make it happen. We are here to celebrate your love, not judge, no matter who you are or what your life circumstance happens to be.  You do not owe us an explanation. As a couple, you may have a discreet service if that is your desire.  The Marriage Pros has many couples who wish to have a private ceremony and a second celebration at a later date.  So far, The Marriage Pros have never denied any special request during their ceremony from any couple. This contributed to The Marriage Pros in Des Moines being one of the leading wedding service providers in Des Moines, IA and it's surrounding areas.

The State of Iowa validates all marriage applications prior to giving couples their license.

 If for any reason it has been longer than 24 hours from the time you called or emailed, please try contacting us again. Something went wrong somewhere.  We do want to hear from you and The Marriage Pros wants to answer any questions we can.  If you choose to use The Marriage Pros, we may be able to help you find an event venue in Des Moines or the surrounding areas.

To contact Rev. Nicole with any questions or to set your date

Please call (515) 491-9139

We are updating our website and unfortunately, the formatting will not transfer.  All of the pages above should work at this time.  We hope to have our complete site back up and running again soon.  You may contact us at any time. 

Our contact information has not changed. 

We are not showing traditional wedding prices as they very with each ceremony. Photos will be coming shortly. 

Thank you and we look forward to being a small part of your big day.

The Marriage Pros, your wedding service provider in the Des Moines and surrounding areas.

The Marriage Pros in Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas

The Marriage Pros - Wedding Service Providers in Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding areas such as Adel, Ames, Ankeny, Carlisle, Des Moines, Dexter, Grimes, Stuart, West Des Moines, Grimes, Winterset and many other areas.  Please call or email to see if we are available in your location.